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This morning I heard the parents really working on the little bird trying to coax it out of the nest. It was getting a little big for the nest anyway. I had to leave, but when I got back I didn't hear its familiar "cheeps" anymore and the mother and father looked like they were cleaning house. I got up on the ladder and looked inside and sure enough, it was gone. I was upset because I missed its first journey outside the nest. Later, I was sitting on the bench in the garden reading when I heard those familiar cheeps again. I looked up and there it was on the telephone line right next to it's nest. I guess the little bird wanted to say goodbye, so I said goodbye and wished it luck in its new life. It's parents are already starting a new family!!! It has been a long and sometimes sad, but mostly rewarding month for me watching the chicks grow from eggs to little birds, and then seeing two of them not make it. This last little guy was really special to me and I am glad he (or she) will go out now and find and mate and start the whole cycle of life all over again!

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Date: 7/16/03 4:38 PM

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