The Story of Little Sparrows

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I followed a family of Sparrows living in a Swallow's mud nest in the eaves of our house during the months of June and July of 2003 with my camera. I watched the story unfold as the Swallows built the nest and then a family of Sparrows moved in. I watched as the chicks were hatched and the mother fed them. I was there when tragedy struck and also during the final joy of leaving the nest. Just follow the pictures from left to right, top to bottom, or by the dates to view the story in the correct order. This is their story and I hope you are as moved reading and seeing it as I was shooting it!

6/7/03 2:50 PM

6/7/03 2:52 PM

7/3/03 5:31 PM

7/3/03 5:35 PM

7/5/03 7:12 PM

7/5/03 7:12 PM

7/7/03 4:44 PM

7/8/03 5:13 PM

7/8/03 5:09 PM

7/10/03 2:57 PM

7/10/03 3:57 PM

7/11/03 5:12 PM

7/12/03 6:37 PM

7/13/03 4:39 PM

7/14/03 2:22 PM

7/16/03 4:38 PM

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