11/20 | 7/12/03 5:15 PM | amtrak

We discovered a new place not far from our home on the central coast of California. Cuesta Ridge is about as high as you can go in San Luis Obispo County and it overlooks the entire county from Arroyo Grande to the south to Paso Robles to the north. It has spectacular shots of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay and the famous Morro Rock, the second largest rock in the world after the Rock of Gibraltar. I shot this coastal Amtrak train winding its way through the mountains. This train travels along the coast from San Diego through San Luis Obispo and on to Salinas where you must board a bus to continue your journey to San Francisco. Then you can reboard the train and head all the way up the coast of California into Oregon and Washington. It is the most beautiful journey with the magnificent California coast as your backdrop.
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