12/13 | 1/24/04 4:20 PM | huge cluster

Every year from November to Spring, many Monarch butterflies from around the United States make the Monarch Grove in Pismo Beach, California their home. They come here to stay warm on their journey south to Mexico where they mate and then fly North once again to complete the cycle. This year we only got around 40,000 butterflies. The normal amount is over 100,000! They cluster together like Wisteria blossoms to keep warm. This shot was taken at full telephoto because the butterflies cling together like this about 30-50 feet up in Eucalyptus trees. If you don't know where to look, you would pass right under them and not even know it! File size 5340907 Original date 1/24/04 4:20 PM Resolution 3076 x 2052 Flash 1 Focal length 195.0mm Exposure time 1/60s Aperture 5.0 Focus Distance Metering Mode Center-weighted averaging Camera make Canon Camera model Canon EOS 10D Sensor type
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