6/33 | 5/1/02 2:55 AM | chipmunk

This is a picture of a little chipmunk that my son Jeff and I were trying to get for so long when he was at the University of Michigan Medical Center. It was always snowing and cold but we kept going out determined to get it. He would see us and then jump off the bench and disappear. Finally, during the last week we were there, Jeff pointed in the direction of the benches (he could no longer talk) and when I turned around, there was the chipmunk just sitting there as if waiting for me to take his picture. It was a perfect shot and Jeff and I were very happy. Now that Jeff is gone, this picture means so very much to me because it was a team effort to get it but more Jeff's doing because even though he was hurting and in a bad condition, he was more patient and determined than I was to get a shot of this little critter!
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